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Old and Used Phones – A Guide to Selling


“There are 4 billion cell phones in use today. Many of them are in the hands of market vendors, rickshaw drivers, and others who’ve historically lacked access to education and opportunity. Information networks have become a great leveler, and we should use them together to help lift people out of poverty and give them a freedom from want.” (Hillary Clinton)


Cell phones have created a revolution in the world. It has not only created awareness among people of different walks of life but has also ensured the success of many. While it has made communication easy and convenient, however, it has also created a hunger among people to change their gadgets every now and then.


When you are looking for people who buy used cell phones, you will need to ensure their authenticity in the market. Apart from this you will also need to ascertain their legal reputation in the market.


Things to remember before you sell used cell phones


However before you even start looking for websites and people who buy used iphone and other smart devices, you will need to follow certain procedures so that you personal information does not reach unwanted hands. Some of the below pointers should help.


  • Wipe off your data: it is vital to wipe off all data that has been stored in your phone. You would surely not like strangers to access your pictures and contact details. Therefore it becomes necessary to wipe out all data from your phone memory. There are many people who think that doing a factory reset on the phone will ensure a complete wipeout of data, however, the fact is further from the truth. A factory reset will only restore the default settings in the phone but will never wipe out any data in the phone memory. Therefore, you will need to delete everything from the phone memory manually before you sell used iphone. Here you will need to ensure that you back up each and everything related to your phone so that you are able to use the same data on the new one.


  • Strip the essentials: 99% of the times, it has been seen that people sell used cell phones with their memory chip in the slot. Stripping the phone down to its bare minimum is necessary before you hand it over to the new owner. Memory chips along with sim cards should be removed before you decide to sell a used cell phone. This is a necessary step in case you need these things in your new phone. If not then it is better to destroy them all together. Even after you have wiped out data from your memory chip, there will be system files that cannot be deleted; therefore destroying them is the best option.


  • Delete account details: After you have deleted all your personal pictures and numbers from the phone, start deleting account details from the phone. Almost all smart hones work on either windows or Gmail accounts. Therefore, it is necessary to delete the account details before you hand over the device to somebody else. Although there are vendors who check these things before they buy used iphone, but there is no harm in being doubly sure. Disconnecting your email services from the device will ensure that your identity and privacy is kept intact.


Now that you know that you will need to delete all data from the cell phone you are selling, you will also need to know what exactly is considered as your phone data. The table below should enlighten you more.


Sensitive Data Non-sensitive Data
Personal images System files
Text messages Cookies
Call logs Residual files
Contact numbers
Whatsapp images and videos
Windows and Gmail account details
Voice recordings


All the above mentioned sensitive data should be cleaned before you sell used cell phones.


Do’s and Don’ts of selling used cell phones


If you looking to sell used ipad and other smart devices, then you should have some smart strategies up your sleeve. Knowing the do’s and don’ts of the trade can get you a huge list of people who would be willing to buy used ipad.


The do’s


  • Quote a proper price: Before even you start thinking about selling your smart phone, you should know the exact price that you should quote to the buyer. Now, there are many ways of finding out the exact price a used cell phone will fetch. If your phone is comparatively a new model then you can definitely quote a price that is closer to the price available in the market. if it is not , then you should add a little bit of depreciation value to the phone and quote a reasonable price to the buyer.


  • Present a visual treat: Posting pictures of your actual used cell phone will be a big game winner for you. You can easily include different angles and lighting to make it look more attractive and worth buying. If you phone has a camera then click pictures with it and place it along the ad. This will ensure that buyers get a proper detail about the quality of device.


The don’ts


  • Checks for payment: Now the fact remains that checks are sometimes not the most authentic form of payment when you decide to sell you used phone. If somebody decides to buy used ipad and other devices using a check then refusal should be your first option. Checks can be dishonored or stopped anytime by the issuer therefore, it is better to accept cash or online transfers as a payment option. Issuing checks for buying used smart phones is one of the easiest of scams happening in the market, therefore, it better to use the means of different online payment options.


  • Giving feedback: Okay, it is understandable that you are very satisfied with the response you have got when you decided to sell used iphone. However, it is too early to give a feedback. Hold on to a testimonial or feedback till you have written confirmation about your device being delivered to the buyer. It becomes your duty and responsibility to ensure that potential sellers know the truth of matter before they indulge in any kind of trading related to used cell phones.


  • Don’t meet at home: Well, it is a common practice among sellers of used cell phones that they will invite people in their homes or even worst at secluded places. It is not necessary every potential buyer is a criminal however; there is no harm in taking precaution. It is better to meet at a public place that is crowded at all times. A restaurant or coffee shop would be a best option. If you still feel a little apprehensive, then you can easily ask one of friends or family members to accompany you.


Using your wisdom and proper judgment is necessary in any selling situation. Using your common sense when you are about to sell used cell phone is quite essential. Maintaining a proper and organized way of communication is also vital throughout the selling and buying process. Keeping you money and identity safe along with your device is necessary during the selling procedure. Walking out of any deal that looks to good to be true will save you from the pitfalls of fraudulent transactions. Following the above mentioned details will ensure a proper and better selling experience for you.