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Repair by Mail Service is for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Cell Phone, Smartphone and Tablets

Our Mail In Repair Service is the premier USA based mail in repair store for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Cell Phone, Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop Repair. If you are in a rural area where there is not a local repair shop near you or maybe you’re too busy to drive to a store over 30 minutes away to a local repair technician or if the prices near your location are too expensive, not knowledgeable enough, or they take too much time to repair your device,  then you can depend on our award winning mail it in repair service.

For over a decade, we have been working as experts in mobile phone repair & smartphone repair, tablet repair, iPod repair. We are excited to be a part of this fast paced mobile computing industry. Our Certified Technicians and Engineers are extremely passionate about fixing your mobile devices in our fully equipped electronic repair facility.

With thousands of mail in repairs under our belt, we have become experts in the electronics industry and we will rapidly fix your device and have it shipped and returned back to you, usually within 24/48 hours. With the exception of holidays and weekends.

Our wholesale priced quality repair service gives saves you money.

Because we do not have to keep a retail store front location with heavy marketing expenses and overhead we can pass on the savings to you. The average customer can save up to 33% off retail pricing by going through our wholesale the the public mail-in repair process.

The Mail-in Repair Process

Give us a call for shipping details and to discuss your repair needs. We will then give you a no obligation FREE parts and price quote.  Then you will be instructed on mailing in your package. Once we receive your shipment, an experienced certified technician will contact you to explain the overall diagnosis and reaffirm your estimate of the time and cost required to restore your device. Upon your approval, we will get to work so that you will not have to miss the gadget you love.