Do you need iPhone repair ? OK lets admit it, regardless of how careful you are the iPhone is incredibly easy to break! This is why it gets the nickname the “Glass phone”. You really need to be careful when choosing an iPhone repair store. Almost every day we hear a new story about people having their iPhone’s stolen from them when they mailed them into a fake business! We have a very long standing reputation and best of all you can have a professional iPhone repair store take care of you right here.

Give us a call we are ready to help answer any questions you may have regarding iPhone repair! We have seen everything from iPhone’s being driven over by commercial trucks to a screen shattering from a simple 2 inch drop. If you broke it, we can fix it and more than likely have seen it broken in the exact same way! You can read reviews from our customers on our reviews page. You are more than welcome to submit a review statement or video yourself. We greatly appreciate any and all feedback!

iPhone Screen Repair Store

iPhone Screen Repair Store

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  •     iPhone Digitizer Fix Replacement
  •     iPhone LCD Replacement
  •     iPhone Home Button Replacement
  •     Repair iPhone Water Damage
  •     Apple iPhone Repairs on 2G, 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4s & 5
  •     iPhone Charging Port Replacement
  •     Fix iPhone Charge Port
  •     iPhone Power Button Replacement
  •     Fix iPhone Power Button
  •     iPhone Speaker Replacement
  •     Fix iPhone Speaker
  •     Fix iPhone LCDs (Display Screen)
  •     Refurbish Rehouse iPhone Service
  •     iPhone Mic (Microphone) Replacement
  •     Fix iPhone Mic (Microphone)
  •     iPhone WiFi Service Repair
  •     Fix iPhone Home Button
  •     iPhone Security Lock Code Removal
  •     Water Damaged iPhone Service
  •     Unlocking iPhone Service
  •     Flashing iPhone Service
  •     Jailbreak iPhone Service

iPhone Screen Repair

Find a repair shop that offers a return policy on their labor and/or repairs.   Many iPhone repair companies will offer a full refund if you do not like their quality of work and will give you a full refund no questions asked. Another nice feature you will want to ask for is if the repair shop offers a 1 year warranty on all services.

No doubt you spend a lot of money on that great piece of technology, why risk sending it into a company that has notorious bad reviews and might even be stealing your personal information? Be sure to work with a reputable repair technician.

MYTH: Cell phone repair takes weeks

TRUTH:  iPhone Repair at most repair shops have same day service

MYTH: Cell phone repair is not convenient.

TRUTH:  Most Apple iPhone repair stores have convenient repair services that only take only a couple of minutes to drop off your device as they take care of the repair process.

MYTH: iPhone repair is expensive

TRUTH: depending on the model and version of your iPhone and the type of repair you need, the price of the repair or glass replacement needed might be as low as $30

MYTH: People who purchase cell phone insurance through their cellular service provider should not bother getting their phone repaired

TRUTH: For most plans, a payment deductible will be applied that will be higher than the estimated cost to repair your phone! If your iPhone is not operating as it should, it will save you money to know your options, cell phone repair will likely be far less expensive than calling to make a claim with your phone carrier.

MYTH: Cell phone repair is not worth the time or money if i can go and grab a new iPhone or device from my phone service carrier for free.

TRUTH: Well maybe they will not charge you up front, but if you take a moment to read the details in the contracts fine print, you will discover that your service agreement is often extended if you do accept the free phone, sometimes by as much as 3 years. If you decide to switch cellular service providers during that time or stop using a mobile phone, you will pay a heavy penalty or termination fee.

iPhone Repair

If you have read all of this you are probably asking yourself, what should I do now? Very simple, search the Yelp listing below and find  a great iPhone repair center near you that has been in the cell phone repair industry for a very long time who has an immaculate repair reputation. Search for a company that is professional and plans to keep it that way by offering you the highest quality of local customer service and the fastest repair turn around time.

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